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Problems syncing iCloud Todos and Reminders?

If your Todos on macOS are not the same as those seen on your iPhone or are not syncing properly, please read this article to understand why and steps required to rectify this.

To sync Todos between iOS and macOS you must ensure that you have upgraded macOS to Catalina and iOS to 13.0+

Technical Support

We would encourage you to look through our FAQs and online manual for a quicker turnaround. When contacting us, please make note of our working hours below.

If you are encountering a problem with BusyCal or BusyContacts and need help solving it, please send your log files to BusyMac Technical Support. By examining your log files, we can quickly identify problems and provide a solution.

Click the appropriate button above to send your logs to BusyMac. This will launch your default email application and create a new message addressed to "support@busymac.com" with your log files attached as a zip file. The information in the logs will be kept confidential, used exclusively for troubleshooting, and be deleted after the issue is resolved. Please provide a description of the problem in the body of the message. We will examine your logs and try to respond as soon as possible.

For anything else, feel free to write to info@busymac.com.

Our working hours are:

Monday to Friday between 10am to 6pm GMT
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Emails are replied to on a first-come first-served basis. Due to the high volume of emails we receive, a reply may take between 36 to 48 hours. Your patience is much appreciated.